Friday, October 10, 2008

Since we finally have the blog going, Sheila is being a slave driver and telling me that every picture in our collection has to be added to the blog and the story told so here is another one. We finally got the four wheeler going after about 5 months. One day Brooke had a friend over and they were riding the four wheeler and they had to go potty so they took the key with them so the other kids couldn't ride. Well Brooke's friend got up and flushed at the same time and dropped the key(which was our last key) and down to the septic tank it went. Finally we ordered a new key switch and got it running.
CAN YOU SAY CHILDREN OF THE CORN. :) It is finally harvest time in Iowa. This has been a very unusual year and the harvest is about 2 weeks behind schedule. By this time normally all of the beans have been combined and a good portion of the corn would be gone. This year there are still a lot of beans in the fields and hardly any body has started on the corn. Hopefully the snow will stay away so people can get their crops out.

Hey everybody. Just wanted to show those of you who haven't seen the picture, this is what Tate or should I say Evil Kaneviel did the first day I got the mini bike running. Don't ask what he was doing or how he did it because we have no idea. All that I know is that it scared the bageebers out of him. All that I know is that it was jammed in there pretty good. Don't know if he learned his lesson though. Will post more pictures of these crazy kids in time to come. It probably won't take long.

Were finally up and running

Hello everyone, we are finally up and running in the bloggers revolution. I am the last of my family, even behind my parents!! I still not sure what I am doing, but I have a lot of helpers to guide me along the way. I guess we will just start posting pictures and stories about our lives right now.